Our Dream

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The dream of Dream Diné Charter School is to create a world-class Indigenous-centered educational program to ensure that our children and communities thrive..

Our school strives to nurture strong, compassionate, bilingual young people who are committed to their personal and community health, wellness, relationships and progress.

The impact of these young people will ripple throughout our nation.

Community Expectations

Our youth today are held to incredibly high expectations by their families, teachers, communities, tribe and nation. These expectations include:

  • Maintenance and revitalization of Diné language and culture
  • Protection and thoughtful allocation of our local natural resources
  • Development of sustainable rural economies
  • Ability to successfully navigate higher education
  • Active participation in both our local and global economy

Our Responsibility

If we are asking our youth to be grounded in traditional cultural knowledge while simultaneously preparing to enter the modern global economy then it is our responsibility to create innovative systems of education that are both rigorous and practical.

Dream Diné Charter School is creating an educational system rooted in the local environment that provides our youth the opportunity and support to develop a holistic identity.