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Telletha Valenski

Governing Council President/Secretary

Telletha Valenski is Kinyaa’áanii, born for Hashtł’ishnii. Her maternal grandfather is Tódich’ii’nii and paternal grandfather is Ta’neeszahnii. She is originally from the Crownpoint, NM area and currently resides in the Four Corners area. Telletha has worked since 1997 as a school health education technician to specialist for Navajo Coordinated Approach for School Health at Northern Navajo Medical Center. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences at Northern Arizona University in 1994 and continued her post-graduate studies at Harvard University, Northern Arizona University, and John Hopkins University in respiratory physiology to natural sciences education, and epidemiology. In 1995, while studying at Harvard University, she was awarded a “Certificate of Distinction in Teaching” as a teaching fellow. During her graduate work she was also a graduate student board member of “Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science” (SACNAS) from 1995-1997. She has also taught at Diné College in Shiprock, NM, as an adjacent professor. In recent years, she has become a youth advocate on the Navajo Nation and Xela, Guatemala, College of Albert Einstein. Her passion is to continue empowering youth to excel in academics and to inspire them to give back to their communities.

Clarence Hogue

Governing Council Vice-President

Clarence Hogue, Jr., a Navajo/Diné from Fruitland, New Mexico, currently resides and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico but also still maintains a family farm in Lower Fruitland, NM. Clarence received his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from Brigham Young University. Clarence has extensive work experience in various fields ranging from human services, Tribal community development, non-profit led community building, youth program development, health equity research, to supporting educational programming in urban and rural public school systems. He has worked with American Indian communities in the various western states of the U.S., including New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and North Dakota to support youth programs that promote educational growth of Native American children. He has also consulted with various organizations, i.e. schools, non-profits, community groups to provides project coordination and training services. Clarence speaks fluent Navajo and has a strong interest in working with grassroots community initiatives and is committed to the positive development and growth of Native youth everywhere.

Donna Fernandez

Board Member

Shaneyka Yazzie

Board Member