Governing Council

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All Governing Council meetings are open to the public. See past Governing Council meeting minutes and the Governing Council meeting schedule.

Shaneyka Yazzie


Joining the governing council as a Parent Representative for the Dream Dine Charter School greatly sparked my interest as my child is attending his second year at Dream Dine. The past school year was successful in my eyes as a parent. I feel that parents, volunteers, and community involvement play important roles in building the path for our children’s success, especially in the Navajo culture and language.

I have great expectations for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year and look forward to the continuous school years to come. I hope to build relationships and familiarize myself in policies, the school’s best interest, school governing by-laws, and such. My skills are organizational skills, time-management, public speaking, and passion for my community. I will be able to support the students, faculty, and teammates on the governing council in every possible way that I can in terms of growth, commitment, and leadership.

Telletha Valenski

Governing Council President/Secretary

Telletha Valenski is Kinyaa’áanii, born for Hashtł’ishnii. Her maternal grandfather is Tódich’ii’nii and paternal grandfather is Ta’neeszahnii. She is originally from the Crownpoint, NM area and currently resides in the Four Corners area. Telletha has worked since 1997 as a school health education technician to specialist for Navajo Coordinated Approach for School Health at Northern Navajo Medical Center. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences at Northern Arizona University in 1994 and continued her post-graduate studies at Harvard University, Northern Arizona University, and John Hopkins University in respiratory physiology to natural sciences education, and epidemiology. In 1995, while studying at Harvard University, she was awarded a “Certificate of Distinction in Teaching” as a teaching fellow. During her graduate work she was also a graduate student board member of “Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science” (SACNAS) from 1995-1997. She has also taught at Diné College in Shiprock, NM, as an adjacent professor. In recent years, she has become a youth advocate on the Navajo Nation and Xela, Guatemala, College of Albert Einstein. Her passion is to continue empowering youth to excel in academics and to inspire them to give back to their communities.

Clarence Hogue

Governing Council Vice-President

Clarence Hogue, Jr., a Navajo/Diné from Fruitland, New Mexico, currently resides and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico but also still maintains a family farm in Lower Fruitland, NM.  Clarence received his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from Brigham Young University. Clarence has extensive work experience and has worked in various fields ranging from human services, Tribal community development, non-profit community building, youth program development, health equity research, to supporting educational programming in urban and rural public school systems. He has worked with American Indian communities in the various western states of the U.S., including Arizona, Nevada and North Dakota to support the development of community and school based youth programs that promote educational opportunities for Native American children. Clarence has also worked for his Tribe supporting community development initiatives.  When the opportunity arises, he also consults with various organizations, i.e. schools, non-profits, community groups to provides project coordination and training services. Clarence speaks fluent Navajo and has a strong interest in working with grassroots community initiatives and is committed to the positive development and growth of Native youth

Kimberly Mohs, MD


Kimberly Mohs, MD has lived in Shiprock since 1999, working as an Internal Medicine physician and the Medical Director of Shiprock’s Health Education Center for Wellness. She was trained at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Since 2000 Kim has been the Chair for the Internal Medicine Department for the Northern Navajo Medical Center, Navajo Area IHS in Shiprock, NM. She supervises 9 internal medicine physicians. She is currently the Executive Director of the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program, the Medical Director of Diabetes Education and Counseling Center, the Medical Director of the Northern Navajo Medical Center Intensive Care Unit, the Medical Director of Respiratory Therapy, a Clinical Adjunct Professor for the Department of Medicine at the Duke University Medical Center and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia College of physicians and Surgeons. As a medical doctor, Kim oversees standards of care, provides direct medical care, and direct performance improvement for the service unit’s approximately 4,000 diabetic patients. Kim is also a professional grant writer and researcher. Kim’s community-based work in Shiprock includes developing the Native Lifestyle Balance Program, a medically supervised weight loss and fitness program for NNMC employees and patients with over 275 completed participants. She coordinates the Northern Agency Adolescent Wellness Camp each summer in Mancos, CO. She has coordinated the Shiprock Women’s Shelter Toy Drive and the Elder Gift Basket Drive in Shiprock for the past several years. Kim’s three children were all born in Shiprock at the Northern Navajo Medical Center, and they attend the local BIE school.