Experiential Farm Education

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On Wednesday, September 9, Dream Dine was hosted by Larry Emerson at his farm in Tse Daa Kaan. Excitement and anticipation was in the air. The children seemed excited to see the cornfields, the Hogan, even the dogs.

After our morning run, we lined up for the morning blessing. The children patiently waited as Chei Larry handed out cornmeal for them to pray with. The children dispersed, some standing, others crouching almost lost in the knee-high brush. As the children dispersed, it became apparent that some of te children had never prayed with cornmeal, or at all. As adults, many of us were drawn in. We shared this special time and prayed with the children.

In their prayers, the children prayed for themselves, their families, and each other. They are making initial steps to become spiritual beings, and ready to become "strong, compassionate, bilingual young people who are committed to their personal and community health, wellness, relationships and progress."

The children made their offering to deities and began their day of excitement and fun. The connection between earth and sky, the holy people and our children is seen during our morning run and blessing. May we all continue to greet the day with a blessing and continue to nurture our connection with both earth and sky.